What We Do

Digital Training

Young women entrepreneurs, while limited in their resources, can use the great digital and social media world to access clients , grow their business and offer world class products and services. In keeping with our mission Her Hustle partners with vendors of digital platforms, to deliver virtual and in person training on how to use […]
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Business Mentorship

They say a wise man sitted can see further than a young man standing. Her Hustle partners with organizations, business people and seasoned entrepreneurs to provide direct mentorship to our community of young women micro businesses. We have a structure where through physical and virtual interaction, the MSMEs are able to tap into the knowledge […]
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Business Acceleration

At the very early stage of a micro-enterprise, revenue growth is paramount to achieving the entrepreneurs self sustainability and the business scale. Every quarter Her Hustle runs a cohort of our 10X program designed to deliver 10X Revenue growth to participating micro-enterprises. Following our patented 10 step playbook and guided by  inhouse champions we take […]
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