Her Hustle Kenya

10X Revenue Growth Program

Every Quarter Her Hustle runs the 10X Revenue Growth Program over 10 weeks implementing our playbook of weekly digital and business strategies. Once a week the entrepreneurs get onto a playbook call where they learn of the week’s strategies. They then break into their groups where they have a group call and a further one on one session with their coach/champion. Key milestones include, Identifying your Customer, Pricing, Telling Your Brand Story,Using Social Media to Drive Revenue, Delivering a WOW experience and so much more. We are currently on our Sixth Cohort whose sizes range between 60 and 120 businesses.

We partner with global organizations which have a focus on impact especially with a gender lens to fund the program execution. 

Previous and current partners include Dijitali, DDD, FSD Kenya, Women Win, Follow Your Dreams  among others.

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