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Her Digital World

Empowering Women-Owned MSMEs through Digital Consulting In today’s digital age, empowering women-owned MSMEs through education, mentorship, and access to resources is essential for fostering gender equality and driving societal progress. We believe in bridging the digital gender gap among women-owned MSMEs through the #HerDigitalWorld program that offers the necessary skills, tools, and resources for women-owned […]
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10X Revenue Growth Program

Every Quarter Her Hustle runs the 10X Revenue Growth Program over 10 weeks implementing our playbook of weekly digital and business strategies. Once a week the entrepreneurs get onto a playbook call where they learn of the week’s strategies. They then break into their groups where they have a group call and a further one […]
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She Means Business

Her Hustle In partnership with Meta presents She Means Business Kenya, where we seek to equip young women in business with skills on how to leverage digital marketing to grow their revenues. Focused on the Meta suite of products (WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook) we seek to drive entrepreneurship and social impact. This is a global […]
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Luminary Circle

Our latest addition to our community! Ever thought of being part of an ambitious sisterhood which supports you to make higher strides in your business? The luminary circle features our  10X Revenue Program Alumni sharing success stories that seek to challenge, inspire and influence like minded entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities that support women […]
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